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Why Eric Brakey is bashing Angus King over energy issues
Why Eric Brakey is bashing Angus King over energy issues
Eric Brakey is the Republican candidate who is running against incumbent Angus King for US Senate. Brakey is a rightwing radical who, until he got elected to the Maine Senate, was best known for dancing in his underwear for a drink commercial. As a legislator his greatest accomplishment was pushing through a bill that expands the carrying of concealed weapons.

Recently, Brakey has been attacking Angus King for supporting renewable energy and taking funds from energy companies. In a last minute campaign mailing Brakey says he works from Maine "remotely for our small family business."

Wait a minute. With a little online research, it turns out Eric Brakey's so-called small family business is Brakey Energy, which according to the firm’s website "provides comprehensive energy management services to Ohio's most energy intensive companies.” Mike Brakey, founder of Brakey Energy, is Eric’s father. Matt Brakey, president of Brakey Energy, is Eric’s brother. In April 2018, Matt Brakey held a fundraiser in Ohio for Eric. Company employees were "invited" to attend. The price to be a sponsor or host ran from $500 to $2700. Open Secrets reports that Brakey Energy is Eric Brakey’s biggest single donor.

During his campaign this year to unseat Angus King, Eric Brakey has whined about “a $21 trillion debt” but he has praised the Republican tax cuts that overwhelmingly benefited the super rich at the expense of 99% of Americans. He has pushed deregulation, a classic on the wish list of companies like Brakey Energy. He has opposed any restrictions on guns, even the most reasonable, to help stanch the epidemic of gun violence. Indeed, he touts as progress his bill to increase the carrying of concealed weapons. And last week he pushed a wacko Trump-like conspiracy theory claiming that socialists were conducting a “mass importation of new voters” to overrule the American people.

You should decide for yourself how to vote, but many Mainers believe they deserves a break from Eric Brakey’s extremist anti-government, no-regulations, guns-everywhere, immigrant-bashing, vote-rigging, personal-enriching foolishness. Follow the money.

Posted on Monday, November 5, 2018 (Archive on Monday, November 26, 2018)
Posted by Jym St. Pierre   Contributed by Jym St. Pierre

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