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Aliens in the Allagash?
Aliens in the Allagash?
In August 1976, according to their own accounts, four Massachusetts college students went canoeing on Maine’s Allagash Wilderness Waterway and saw an unidentified object in the sky. They described the sighting to a ranger the next day but weren’t taken seriously: It was suggested, in fact, that they had seen a searchlight that was being used to celebrate the grand opening of a hardware store in Millinocket.

The students continued their trip and did not talk much about their encounter until years later, when one of them, Jim Weiner, started having seizures. Weiner claimed to have had visions of humanoid beings levitating above his bed, poking him with needles. Under hypnosis, all four men described small gray aliens taking them aboard a spacecraft and performing medical examinations on them.

The 1993 book The Allagash Abductions made momentary media darlings out of the quartet, who appeared on The Joan Rivers Show and Unsolved Mysteries. In 2016, however, one of the men, Charlie Rak, said that although the group really did see unidentified flying objects twice during their canoe trip, the rest of the story had been made up. His former friends dispute this.

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