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A Partnership Approach to Forest Land Conservation in Kennebec County, May 1
A Partnership Approach to Forest Land Conservation in Kennebec County, May 1
The Northeastern Area State and Private Forestry Forest Stewardship Program invites you to join us on May 1, 2012, for the third in a series of Webinars that explore the realities of applying Landscape Stewardship on the ground.

This informative and thought-provoking series will feature presentations by people who are actively carrying out landscape stewardship projects and plans. All presentations will include ample time to exchange ideas and methods.

The intended audience includes:
State Forest Stewardship Program Coordinators
Forest Stewardship Plan Preparers
Service Foresters
Forestry Cooperative Extension
Forestry Associations
Landowner Groups
Community Leaders
Interested Landowners

Mike Huneke
Forest Stewardship Program Manager
Northeastern Area State and Private Forestry

A Partnership Approach to Forest Land Conservation in Kennebec County, Maine

May 1, 2012, 2:00 PM EDT

Presenters from the Kennebec Woodland Partnership:
Amanda Mahaffey, Kennebec Woodland Partnership Program Consultant
Morten Moesswilde, Maine Forest Service Midcoast District Forester
Andy Shultz, Maine Forest Service Landowner Outreach Forester
Theresa Kerchner, Kennebec Land Trust Executive Director
Andy Tolman, Maine CDC Drinking Water Program Assistant Director

The Kennebec Woodland Partnership is a county-based initiative launched in 2009 to provide tools and strategies to help landowners make informed decisions about their woodlands and ensure a sustainable future for the county's forests.

The Partnership was formed out of common interests and an awareness that Kennebec County's local economy, wood products markets, recreational opportunities, wildlife habitat, water quality, and quality of life all depend largely on the county's approximately 374,000 acres of woodland. We envision a culture of conservation in which people support, enhance, appreciate, celebrate, and benefit from Kennebec woodlands and all the values they provide.

Join us for this U.S. Forest Service Landscape Stewardship Webinar to learn about the Kennebec Woodland Partnership's successes and challenges:
• How did this partnership form, and how do we keep attracting partners?
• What are some of the tools, strategies, and projects that we employ to achieve our goals?
• How do we remain effective on a landscape scale and meet our State's forest action plan?

To learn more about the Kennebec Woodland Partnership:

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