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Wind Energy – A runaway failure for nearly 4 decades, Part 1
Wind Energy – A runaway failure for nearly 4 decades, Part 1
By Jim Wiegand

If you are one of the millions across America, that that believes wind energy will create a better world, you need to read the facts presented here. This information has been hidden by the media, utility companies, your government and by most of all, a terribly destructive industry seeking profits.

California’s wind turbines may have started a green revolution here in America. But as readers will learn here, wind energy’s perceived value to society is a devious fantasy. Adding to the public’s confusion is that this puffed-up industry has been enabled with layers of rigging from politicians, planted media stories, fraudulent research, data manipulation and outright lies. All for the purpose of giving corporations access to taxpayer billions. As you will learn here it certainly has not been for the energy provided.

I would imagine that the US has now invested well over 2 trillion dollars in these turbines and infrastructure. But the story and success of wind energy is the basically same power of suggestion story as “The Emperor's New Clothes.” Ironically this well-known tale written in Denmark 200 years ago, is also the home of this fake green industry.

From the massive amounts of publicity over the years one would think that wind energy is carrying a rapidly increasing load of America’s electricity demands. Opinion polls overwhelmingly show that the public supports renewable energy and especially wind power. But these favorable polls are from the mistaken belief that wind energy is green, has few impacts and is carrying a rapidly increasing load of America’s electricity demands. But this is a false perception created by sellouts, ignorance and profit seekers searching for taxpayer gold.

From my years of wind energy related research, I have found that for this industry telling the truth means absolutely nothing. For example, the first and only credible scientific mortality study ever conducted around wind turbines, was released in 1985. Since then all mortality research has been a rigging and cover-up game. Since the release of that first wind industry study, showing a bird mortality rate of 34 fatalities per MW, what obviously became most important to this industry, was public opinion.

It is not easy for the public to admit how easily they can be duped. But this industry knows it and they have been working everyone for decades with an onslaught of research rigging, false media stories, false advertising, subliminal messaging and energy production embellishments. If they say they are great then they must be great and this has conditioned the minds of the masses.
At one time the public was led to believe that wind turbines could make us independent of Middle East oil, then the primary story supporting wind energy development evolved into to fixing climate and saving mankind. Or maybe you have been led to believe that these turbines will power a new generation of electrified transportation.

While this form of transportation is coming, the vast majority of electrical energy consumed by electrified transportation will never come from wind turbines. The saddest part about this entire green fraud is that America’s utilities and energy providers all know that wind energy is no solution for any of this. They all know because they live with wind energy’s wimpy inefficient production numbers every day.

Everybody reading this also needs to understand what I know to be true about this industry. An industry that will cover-up their slaughter to tens of thousands of eagles, including our endangered species, will stop at nothing for profits. An industry after killing thousands of eagles over the last 35 years at Altamont, then colluding with the USGS (2015) on a study overestimating this same population by more than ten times, will also stop at nothing.

For the naysayers that do not believe in my expertise, I give you this …….. Our President Obama has just rewarded this industry for their decades of mortality fraud on America. After claiming for years that very few eagles were being killed annually by wind turbines and that Altamont Pass was a regional aberration, our President just recently signed a rule making it legal for this this industry to kill up to 6200 eagles annually in America. With this new rule, President Obama just confirmed that this massive hidden eagle slaughter from wind turbines, has always been with us. More proof is at the Eagle repository in Denver where more than 33000 eagle carcasses have been received by this morgue since 1997.

This ongoing wind industry slaughter is also killing millions upon millions of birds annually while producing very little energy for society. Being a dedicated wildlife biologist, I am aware of the extinction of species coming from these prolific killers and this is exactly why I write about wind energy.

Audubon, the Sierra club and several other prominent conservation groups support wind energy. They have also been receiving buckets of wind energy funding thru various channels. If you read their canned statements or look at their websites, these groups claim this form of lethal energy will eventually save more species in the future from climate change, so any species slaughter currently taking place, is for a greater good. Readers will clearly see from the unfiltered numbers given in Parts 2&3, what complete sellout fools all these groups have become.


Posted on Saturday, January 7, 2017 (Archive on Saturday, January 28, 2017)
Posted by Jym St. Pierre   Contributed by Jym St. Pierre

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